The One Where I Write Some More Stuff

IMG_0938Hi.  I’m doing my daily required writing.  I don’t particularly feel like composing word symphonies at the moment but I’ll do it anyway.  It’s going to be a task in and of itself to refrain from using colorful language here.  I will try to keep it PG-13 or milder as far as vernacular goes.  That reminds me that my nickname is Vern and therefore Vernacular could be -my- personal language.  Some sort of double entendre?  Ok.  What is going on in the world?  Welp it appears that the Patriots won the Super Bowl.  Super exciting stuff.  Is anything else going on?  I doubt it.  Oh and it’s tax season.  This is also loads of fun.  It’s interesting that somehow the focus is ENTIRELY on how much money WE ALL are GETTING.  Tax season is funsie wunsie time and it’s all about receiving money!  What’s not to like?  Maybe we forgot that bizzzzooop the money disappeared for a short while (a year) then BIZZOOP SOME OF IT PLOPPED BACK IN THE BANK ACCOUNT.  Just some, not all.  So daddy tax man incrementally bizooped it out (of your account) during the year then bizooped a bit of it back to you in spring time and you got ALL SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS.  Fine.  It’s not like I have any ideas otherwise I just ENJOY THROWING A GOOD BITCH FIT as much as the next guy.  Oh and Original Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar Soap smells like how I imagine an old man’s nice dress shoes might smell.  Some type of shoe polish or Mr. Clean head polish type stuff.  Pretty gross.  Not at all like a Polish Sausage.  Those smell fantastic.      .   .

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