I feel like promises are a BIG BIG deal in our American society.  There are all levels of promises and commitments being made on many different levels and they all have one very important thing in common:  Promises immediately set the stage for the promise creator to become either a HERO or a DIRTY FILTHY LIAR (or possibly an EXPERT EXCUSE MAKER).  I don’t really like being either one!  If you always keep all your promises all the time you are setting a precedent for the future you.  Therefore if the time ever comes for a prudently timed lie, you will feel way too guilty to pull it off!  On the flip side, if you never keep any promises, everyone will view you as a big flake and will not take seriously anything you say, as in the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  Looking back at my own personal history, I find that whenever I committed myself to a promise, whether to me or others, it was nearly impossible to keep!  This is just me personally, though I’m sure some of you find yourselves in a similar predicament.  If I never was compelled to make a promise again, I’m sure this alone would resolve every current or future problem I could have!  The way I manage my promises now is that I don’t make them too explicit.  This is how I trick myself into keeping them.  For instance:  I promised myself, and my friend that I would be over to his house today (around noon I implied)  to work on our business ventures/creative enterprises.  Guess what, it’s 12:04pm and I’m here at my house writing instead of at his house.  But there’s a caveat that I myself put in earlier:  I asked what time he thought he’d be up.  He said probably noon.  I didn’t say I’d be over at noon but I did say I’d come over today and I did ask what time he thought he’d be up.  So by not saying “I will be there at 12PM rain or shine” I gave myself and him a little wiggle room.

I have it written in my iPhone notes:  “I promise I’ll never make a promise again.” ^^^immediate DIRTY FILTHY LIAR

I’m not a fan of promises but they seem to be a necessary evil.

PS:  Why the hell is my wordpress site in French?  ARRGGHH


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