The Need To Connect

Lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to connect.  Not online, but connect with other humans, share in their ideas and dreams, yes even their problems.  Find out what they think about this crazy world.  Create some crazy shit together.  Just do something!  They say that the world is a reflection of yourself.  If this is true, then I am a boring shit consuming self serving platitude uttering insecure repetitive monolith that expands for the sake of expansion.  An entity that has self medicated to the point of vegetation, afraid of its own shadow.  Scared to move, scared not to move and too fat to care too terribly much about the whole deal.  Petulant, whiny, expectations galore.  A sickening behemoth that everyone knows of and is disgusted by but doesn’t want to acknowledge.  Nobody knows what to do about it.  IT IS HERE FOLKS.  Look it in the eye.  Prod its enormous gut.  Examine the thing.

You have heard of books right?  From the earliest time I can remember, I knew there were two basic categories of books that I needed to be aware of:



Fiction means that the book is exciting, cool, awesome, beautiful, full of tom-foolery, not following any special laws, giggly, possibly full of gruesome murders.

Non-Fiction means that the book is full of dead “facts”.  “Laws.”

We seem to be living our life as if it were “non-fiction.”

Come on people, we make the thing up every single day!  Why not make it something cool!  It’s a creation, every moment of every day, always and forever.  And it’s not even real!  I mean think about it, all the stuff you “did”, where is it?  The stuff you “did” even a minute ago, where is it?  It’s barely even a memory even 5 seconds after the thing occurs!  Look, listen up!

We are living in a 3D ETCH-A-SKETCH that shakes and refreshes the screen every nanosecond, so fast you cannot tell it’s happening even if you try to!  WAKE UP PEOPLE.  I WANT TO PLAY.



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