From hitting the hills, becoming heroes…heroes!!

  1. We hit the hills today, six of us total.  I only really know Tim from work, and I’ve seen Jesse a few times at work also, he’s a banker.  I met Vanetta (spelling??) and “Greedy” who’s real name is Ray but somehow he earned the name Greedy from his friends.  Apparently he protested having this nickname at the beginning, which of course solidifies the name into permanence over time.  Greedy didn’t know of this phenomenon.  We took the 168 up to Prather and had lunch at the packed Mexican restaurant.  I had the Chile Relleno and Taco plate.  Mmmmmm.  Where the 168 starts becoming Millerton road we came up on a small fire on the side of the road.  This was very exciting of course, as we’re in a huge draught and everything is primed and dry, ready for a tremendous fire!  Quite a few people stopped, one lady had two shovels in her car so Greedy and I started shoveling downwind of the fire to create a break.  I of course started shoveling right close to the fire like a complete dummy and got my eyebrows singed while simultaneously accomplishing nothing.  Also because I’m very smart I parked my bike just downwind of the fire and on the side of the road RIGHT next to the fire.  Greedy, who is much smarter than I, shoveled a break much further downwind so he had time to finish it.  Realizing my total ineptitude as a firefighter, I decided that filming it was a better role, I figured, I’ll be journalist instead of firefighter.


^^my singed eyebrow

So Greedy’s break worked well downwind, then three firetrucks came and took care of the upwind fire.  Greedy is a real hero!  Also the lady that had 2 shovels.  Also the genuine firefighters.
We had a good time and fire didn’t spread! 


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