Iron Horse BBQ and Judge Judy


We went for a Sunday Drive today!  Iron Horse BBQ came with high praise from the shop next door, the Purple Cow Mall (sells trinkets, knick knacks and things).  The train is highly visible from Highway 41 running through Oakhurst and we’ve always wanted to stop by.  They did not disappoint!  The tri-tip sandwich paired with home made beans and cole slaw was amazing!  We split the meal and the tab only ended up being $18.


Now for the juicy drama 😀

Kim wanted a beer.  She was nursing Jaxon as we hailed the waitress.  She ordered an 805 and we continued enjoying the ambiance.  However, a few minutes after ordering, the chef (owner?) came up and politely informed us that he was not going to serve her due to Jaxon nursing.  I thought it was funny at first, and kind of admired him for sticking to his guns on the issue, but later on we agreed that he was probably overstepping his bounds, unless there was a clear legal liability involved.  What do you think?  Also, is all publicity good publicity?  At least he didn’t kick us out for nursing in public (she was wearing a cover).


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