Life is odd!

Life is just plain weird, that’s all I can say.  And yes, I’m saying this without anything to contrast it against, which is strange too.  The whole thing, and how I move around in my magnifying glass over the face of the earth, the stillness…the silence.  And yet it is entirely familiar, and contains no problems.  Somehow I was thrown from the particular to the general, and this is mainly how I live now.  Walking in anonymity.  Of course I have my little family, the wife and baby, and I carry myself differently and behave a certain way when I’m with them.  And I love them so much…however, here, (wherever they aren’t), I have no name whatsoever.  Very few cares, just a flippant idea floating in a dream.  There is no rush, because there is no time, nowhere to be, nothing to do.  And I don’t care to theoretically link up the various spheres that make up this experience, there is no need!   

And guess what else lives here?!  Fake grass and real flowers!  And babies!



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