What’s in a word?

What are words?  They are miserable and miserly, they squat next to one another, afraid to snuggle, lacking peripheral vision.  They are so damnably orderly, ruled by spaces and periods and capitalization.  They are snide and pretentious, presumptuous even.  Each one pretends that it knows something, that it’s not just a baboon mooning the reader.  If one word knows one thing, it only makes sense that if you string enough of them up in a line you will have  




 a solid and compact body of knowledge, yes?  No.  Words suck.  They entice, overpromising and underdelivering similar to an alky’s near wet brain promising himself for the thousandth time that THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT and thoroughly believing it to boot!  Words enchant us, keep us spellbound, pretend that they are pointing somewhere..once you break free, you’ll understand.  Life is only a paradox when it is approached solely through words and meanings.  Otherwise it is an endless mystery…


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