BEME (Casey Neistat)

Beme is this really cool concept developed by Casey Neistat.  It’s a (yes another) social media app but with a twist:  you cannot see what you’re recording.  The screen turns black.  The idea is that without pandering to the lens and/or creating duck lips and posing, you are free to capture more raw moments in your life.  Also, the way the app itself is laid out is quite intriguing.  When you are looking through other Bemer content, the videos just play as you scroll through users, giving a very random mind snapshot collage of user’s delight and curiosity while trying this concept for the first few times.  Oh, and also, since everyone knows Casey created this, the whole thing smells like Casey, there is a freshness in the room.  You can see how many minutes people have spent “being you”, and they can also react via snapshots (you can see the screenshot when you are sending a reaction).  With Beme, you are free to “be me”.  Get it?  😄

Thank you Casey, you are a true inspiration.


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