It might appear

On first glance one could see a sleeping person.  A sleeping boy.  A sleeping man?  This would be incorrect.  Sight is not seen, sound is unheard.  Meaning is seen and nothing else.  Meaning is heard.

It is possible, possible to remain with the state of mind pre-awaking, the state overspilling with boundless energy, fleeting context, and also, tons of weird seemingly disconnected shit.  The “zone”, your personal vortex (Abraham Hicks), the present moment before it knew it was here.

“Flatten the illusion” I can hear Leo Gura yelling in my ear as my mind neatly assembles all the jumbled waking pieces into one seamless, logical, non-threatening and totally boring picture.  “I can’t” I yell back, “I’m already awake”…Leo fades into the distance, back to my YouTube app where he belongs.  “You must grab this place and hold onto it for dear life” – my other, subconcious, interesting mind is also trying to live, shouting advice across the chasm but also fading, its dying shriek neatly ignored by waking me…

Crap I’m awake


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