The contents of my top dresser drawer

Since I called you all out on the obvious fact that you don’t know what’s in your top dresser drawer (see previous post Wake up pu ekaW), I thought it would be prudent to learn the contents of my own.  I may have to censor a few bits.

Ok here we go…

Item one: holey unmatched sock

Item two: comfy unmatched sock

Item 3: unmatched dress sock

I have reached a startling conclusion early in the investigation:

Ok on to the non-sock type stuff.

I finished!

Detachable webcam.  This must have been before that tiny all-seeing Eye of Sauron appeared on all our laptops.


These are all at a special needs camp I volunteered at a few years back called Easter Seals Camp Oakes.

Ray was my favorite camper (below) he’s showing proper stretching technique. 

Retainer (used for 2 weeks only)

Pictures of the pretty girl as a youngun (love you Hun πŸ’™πŸ’™)

Butt Face soap

I’m going to do some groupings now so this doesn’t take ALL dayπŸ˜„

Portable FM radio, medals, baseball (still shrink wrapped), single sandal of wife, random keys for things I no longer have, weird little container, nasal aspiration filters.

Some more random stuff.  

^^^I worked at a casino for a bit, hence the food handler’s card and the *authentic 100% plastic playing cards.  My sister Becky made that thing (what to call it? Idk) for me, really kind and thoughtful.

Kim made this for me.  Isn’t it awesome?! Where’s Jesse?!!

I used to think I could self will myself to play less chessπŸ˜„. Oh younger me, you have so much to learn.

Mother getting bit by the conspiracy theory bug.  (She’s not in the woods by the way, still living quite comfortably in the house)

There’s more but that’s all I have time for today so I’ll wrap it up with a picture of Kim and I (about 10 years ago I’d say)

I hope you all enjoyed my trip down memory lane, and I’d like to challenge you to do the same!  If you dare…if you are up to the challenge please post the link below I’d love to see!

Do you know the contents of your top dresser drawer?



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