Manly P Hall

This man is startlingly pure.  Many of the comments below his work (YouTube) have people asking if anyone else felt like he was someone that they had known forever, someone who they felt an instant connection with.  Even the baggage surrounding his connection with the masons does not tarnish his purity.  The amount of time he has dedicated to the service of other people can be heard in every word he speaks.  Time is not wasted on definitions and silly semantics; he has no use for waxing philosophical, though he quotes prominent philosophers easily and succinctly.  Although his sense of logic and practicality are very developed, he has not taken egoic pride in this fact, he retains full empathy for the lives of those who touch his.  He is gentle, he is aware, he is an experiential embodiment of what he is describing, not just a biologist peering through a microscope describing the apparent motions of the specimen observed.  When he speaks of the ultimate failure of competion as a societal way of life, the non-competitiveness of his own life seeps into his speech.  When he speaks of God, he does it in a non-partisan way that neither makes man into a God nor puts God “out there” but in a way that acknowledges the simple beauty and cohesion of the universe as wholly divine.  Wisdom is there for he who seeks it, but for the betterment of his fellow man and community, not for personal gain. His words carry no grandiosity, and he usually finishes with something like “and that’s how it looks” to genuine heartfelt applause.  He is beautiful and I am grateful to have found him.


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