This girl is great, I really enjoy her work.


Your spell, black magic

and I can’t decide

If it’s my will to bend

or your fire that molds

And if there is a difference

what difference can it make?

Resulting in the same

I worship at your feet.

This lust that grows within me

under you spell

and the feeling invoked

as you watch as I writhe

destroyed in your fire and smoke

Did you steal my heart?

Do you hold it captive

like this broken body

injured in your care?

but my mind is not my own

and I haven’t got a care

as long as you are here

close to me in this hell.

Settled by this forge

soaking in the heat

I laugh and I scratch until I bleed

and as the blood soaks the floor

you stand and you stare, wordless

as before.

And then you crouch before me, eyes of fire

mesmerizing my own…

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