A-Z PE Challenge Day 3 (C)


Cindy’s blog is exceptional!

She has an abundance of stunning photography, mainly consisting of nature and animals, with a smattering of architecture thrown in here and there.  Some of the in-motion shots I’m waiting to hop off the screen!  Hot air balloons, beautiful landscapes, ocean sunsets, exquisite flower close-ups and frozen tundra grace the pages of this Blogger Descartes (I blog therefore I am).

Her camera is amazing and she is well traveled, thus saving us the need to do so ourselves!

According to her -About- page, she is a retired psychotherapist and is getting herself some proper therapy now by immersing in nature out in the boondocks way out in the middle of nowhere at a location called “The Holler” (somewhere in California).  When she isn’t traveling and taking pictures for us that is!

Cindy I love your blog.  There will never be enough time in the world to go through it all.  I am in California as well, maybe someday I can visit your “The Holler.” 🙂




3 thoughts on “A-Z PE Challenge Day 3 (C)”

  1. Oh what a lovely surprise! This is so thoughtful of you! I am honored and humbled. Please do come visit The Holler and you are right, the rural lifestyle, surrounded by wild ones is indeed my therapy!

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