A-Z PE Challenge Day 5 (E)

This is a man, an honest man who shares honest views.

This is a Christian man, dipped in a fresh coat of awareness, sprinkled with Buddhism.

This is a man who has tried experimenting with the phenomenon called “questioning things.”  As such, he has probably experienced open arms and vast rewarding discussions from close family and friends regarding such philosophical musings <<<(a bit of sarcasm)

This man is not on Facebook.  Meaning, he probably talks to other people.  With his voice.  I condone this type of behavior.

This man says that he is a frustrated writer and poet waiting to be discovered.  He is also quite crafty with sarcasm.

This man is composed of 1% Oreo.

This man is a fan of George Carlin.

I am also a fan of George Carlin.

This man is also composed of a few percentage points of OCD. <<<I infer only

Every so often, this man has himself a good cry.  I am not currently very capable of this type of behavior, though I do condone it.  It is no longer unfashionable for a man to cry, especially in San Francisco.  Please do not ask why I mentioned San Francisco.

This man is aware that silence is a sound.

This man is full of experience and I’m sure if we ever sat together in a coffee shop, a fascinating conversation would ensue.

If this imaginary conversation were to occur, and if I had anything to do with it, it would be in a coffee shop called

-Good Morning-

The welcome mat would read “A strong start to your weekend.” (get it…? -weak end-)

This man is pretty popular on WordPress already by some standards, but no danger ever came from being too popular right?  Head on by and say hi:)



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