Not Fred (part 2)

There were three facts surrounding Fred’s life that were pressing into his mind like so many slick gummy bears after they had spent a considerable amount of time in a small child’s mouth.

1.) Fred lived with Sam

2.) Sam was not like Fred

3.) Sam was a nuisance

At the pool hall Fred and Sam took the direct center table. If Fred had been a king, he would not have taken the center table, as this would leave his flanks and backside open for attack. If Fred had been a king, he would not have been playing pool at all. He would be hiding in his castle, worrying about all the other kings and what sorts of plots they were crafting regarding Fred.

“Hurry up Fred it’s your turn.”

There were 3 solids and 1 stripe remaining on the table along with the 8 ball. Fred was solids.

“Sam, you know exactly what will happen here. See, I may not make all these, but I can guarantee that when it’s your turn, you will choke.”

Sam smirked at him. “Go on ya ole donkey I’d like to see it!”
Fred looked at the table. He knew that it was geometry fused with physics; angles, energy, momentum and velocity combined with his initial aim and thrust that would all combine together to make the shot.

In the ideal world this would have worked splendidly. However, Fred did not live in the ideal world, save in his imagination.

Fred missed his first shot. Not badly, but a miss nonetheless. Sam won quickly and efficiently, also leaving no chance of scratching the 8 ball on the final shot.

“Loser racks, better hop to it buddy!”

Fred didn’t take any offense at Sam’s laughing tone. Sam was better and they both knew it, plus Fred was better in other areas. Such as creating vast dream worlds in his head. The manifested pool game they were playing seemed silly in comparison, and Sam’s edge over him in sports and physical competition seemed to Fred almost as a meager compensation for his lack in imagination.


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