A-Z PE Challenge Day 6 (F)

This guy published a story that he wrote in 1992, that failed to make it to press (the magazine went under)

That story is called Walkers.

It’s a compelling tale.

I might have a few nightmares from reading it :p

The short of the story is that the main character, Severen, is sent by the council to do some investigating at the back of the pack.  In this world, everyone is walking, just walking in a giant horde, complete with pecking order and body odor.  There is no start or finish line, just walking…walking….more walking.  There is some rumor of people being killed at the back of the horde. .it is a very abstract story, so I quite enjoyed it.

I will re-blog the story so you all can enjoy it (or be horrified) if you wish.

He looks to have quite a body of work!

Give him a visit at:



One thought on “A-Z PE Challenge Day 6 (F)”

  1. You are so kind, thank you for your kind words and the reblog! I hope you all enjoy “Walkers”…it’s one of my favorites and I was quite bummed it came so close to publication and “failed.” Then Life got in the way…I focused on novel writing…and well, 24-years later, I’m so happy to finally have gotten it out there!

    Again thank you, Gary, and thank you, Gary’s Readers, for reading it!

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