The Ice Gods

Frank really writes well! I look forward to reading more of his works:)

Runnin Off at the Mouth....

There Is No Turning Back. (Image by Ernest Frederic Neve, 1861 [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons) The Ice Gods, They Call Me…. (Image by Ernest Frederic Neve, 1861 [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons)

I am fascinated by desolation. Don’t know why.

Throw in ice and snow and I’m fascinated by that desolation even more.

H. P. Lovecraft’s AtThe Mountains of Madness is one of my favorite stories of his, so I’m sure there’s some influence there…though, as I remember it, there is little similarity between the two….

I grew up in snow and cold. Maybe I’m still trying to thaw out those harsh Adirondack winters from my marrow, but snowscaped desolation utterly fascinates me.

Are we really alone in all that desolation?

This story has never been published.

The Ice Gods

© F. P. Dorchak, 1992



I am surrounded by white.

Where am I?

It’s so cold….

I remember pain. I remember…I don’t quite know what I remember…but I can’t…

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8 thoughts on “The Ice Gods”

  1. Thanks, again, Gary! I’m so glad you found some stories that you really like! :-] I do feel honored that you appreciate my stories! These have all languished for far too many years in the dark, and it has been a labor of love and joy rediscovering all this stuff and finally bringing them out into the light of day! I hope your readers also enjoy them as much as you are! And thank you, READERS, for reading them!

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  2. I’m here paying you a visit after you commented on my poem about the “desolate” desert of the southwest. I was hoping to read something of yours but saw your friend’s write on “The Ice Gods.” I was gripped by the story from the beginning and just kept on reading. The cold is so clearly etched that you feel it on every level…physical, mental and spiritual. What a tortured soul in his last moments doing the bidding of the “Ice Gods.” Totally enjoyed…thanks for sharing, Gapawa! And good work, F. P. Dorchak!
    Gayle ~

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    1. Thank you so much, Gayle! As you well know, I’m sure, your gracious words are utter music to a writer’s (or poet’s!) ears—especially after having tried to place a piece and having received rejection after rejection! That was so kind of you to comment! I will have to check out your poem!

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  3. You’re very welcome and you’re so right too. We writers love to have positive comments paid to our works; it’s very rewarding for sure. Have you tried joining in with any other writing groups that share similar genres? You might find a nice following and even learn some skills from one another? I wish you the best!
    Gayle ~


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