The Multiverse

I’ve always been a little puzzled about the multiverse. The idea of slightly different versions of me (or now dead me) running around (laying in the ground) in simultaneous parallel universes never really made much sense. Where exactly are these alternate timelines? I was talking about this with my sister last night when I had an epiphany (not sitting on the toilet)…these alternate timelines are not “out there.” They are here living with us! In our heads! The multiverse is just the mind. The universe is the 1 single physical expression that ends up manifesting, a massive undulating coagulation of “present” comprised of all the “choices” conscious and not, that make the final cut! This is not a treatise on free will either, that’s another discussion for another day. If we look back at our lives, 1 exact “thing” happened, 1 exact timeline. In our minds only (future) are various possibilities for life outcomes (or incomes if you’re into money and the like), in the manifest reality there is only a single unified outcome.

In chess (I love chess), there is a saying that goes like this: -the threat is stronger than the execution-
The same goes for life.  We threaten all sorts of things in our minds, and then get frustrated when all the ideal versions don’t get coaxed out🙄😄

Zero point is already here, we just may not have realized it yet. All the sages past and present knew/know this, the ultimate power or highest state of “being” resides in the unmanifest, the quantum present. Before the timelines. It is the void, and we are it.


3 thoughts on “The Multiverse”

  1. I don’t think you know it, since you – as far as I know – don’t watch anime, but there is a series called “Space Dandy”. Sounds ridiculous, is ridiculous, but has sone interesting theories. For example, warping is explained as switching from one parallel universe to another. Everything’s the same, but you and the spaceship are at another place. The “Infinite Impropability Drive” from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy probably works in a very similar way, it changes the realitys randomly until it finds the targeted destination. I think these things are quite interesting.

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