A-Z PE Challenge Day 7 (G)

G was a tough one.  I don’t know why, the letter seems common enough!  I pondered for a moment nominating myself but this thought alone seemed so narcissistic I had to banish it from my mind immediately.

An interesting phenomenon has arisen amidst this A-Z challenge.  How to find letter specific bloggers?  This spurred a google search on how to find bloggers, which was quite unfruitful.  There are a few plugins that pretend to be able to do the job but I’m too computer illiterate and lazy to try to find if they are lying or not (the plugins).  I’m not sure if plugins are capable of lying or not, but since their creators are (I think) humans, I’m sure they have the ability.

I slowly came to the realization that I would have to search the good old fashioned way, which is a kind of “stumble upon” method.  I was unhappy to realize this, as it meant I would have to find my G in an organic, general, and non targeted type of way.  I really just wanted a very specific search engine where I could type in any letter of the alphabet and be handed all the most interesting bloggers with names beginning with that letter.  Lazy I know!

It just so happened that I hit 100 followers yesterday.  This has no relevance at all to the current conversation, aside that it happened to me and I am the author of this blog.  Thank you to all of my followers!  I have developed a habit of looking at the blog of each and every new follower, writing a few comments, giving a few likes and sending a thank you.  As it turns out, one of my recent few is named Linda (Tales From the Cabbage Patch).  She had posted a very nice tribute to a friend that had recently passed and my G magically appeared in the comments!  It turns out that I knew him already!  Well sort of.  God must have done this.  I need to pray more often.  God probably only got involved because his name starts with a G and he knew I needed help on this one.

As a side note, I notice that I am using the word “I” far too often.  I am very narcissistic.  Oh well.

Speaking of self absorption, I would like to present my letter specific blogger of the day, none other than my namesake, Gary Jefferies!  I met this blogger after finding his excellent post entitled -The God Strain-


His website is:  https://fictionisfood.wordpress.com/

I was first magnetically drawn to this author because we shared the same first name, and I told him so!

Then I started reading through some of his work.  The God Strain was fascinating.  It is about a virulent flu strain becoming sentient and wreaking malevolent havoc on the world because, I’m assuming, it doesn’t want to be alive, and also doesn’t want anyone else to be alive (sounds like some people I know).

Ok, maybe it does want to be alive.  It just doesn’t want to share space with Earth natives.

The God Strain, as the virus is called, turns out to have been already sentient prior to discovery by Smithy.  It has a very specific goal, and destroying Earthlings is just step 1.  I’ll let you read the short story if you want to know more, I wont spoil it all.

Gary wrote this as a prompt challenge, using the words duplicitous, voice, float, ticket and indiscriminate.  He did a fantastic job.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and would like to hear more!

Update:  He did write more!


Gary’s work is compelling, intriguing, and not too full of itself.  He has earned a follow from me!

Another reason to like Gary is that he says things such as “I resemble that comment.”

Isn’t he adorable?!





13 thoughts on “A-Z PE Challenge Day 7 (G)”

  1. Hey Gary, this is most unexpected and totally kind (on topic with my kindness challenge rambles) but totally awesome of you….even if it does sound like Gary self promoting Gary….quirky…idea..set up new blog, pretend to be a different Gary and shamelessly cross promote….then talk to yourself in comments to give the illusion to fellow bloggers they are different people…..idea…..

    Seriously though….flipping good review too….question; did you notice the subtle inversion of thoughts versus actual speech as the virus takes over?

    In answer to hearing more….the two versions have been donated to an author developing a short story book for charity…I retain all rights though and feedback has suggested I could possibly expand this idea into something much larger…a book maybe… I’m also intrigued as to what the God Flu actually wants too 🤔

    Thank you again and I’m so chuffed with this post I may reblog it later 😁

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes I did notice the inversion. The surfer dude didn’t seem to notice though, hilariously enough😄 I’d certainly chuck a few dollars towards a book if it were ever created! I’m glad you enjoy the review! Would be awesome if you joined the challenge! I think there are about 4-5 people doing it so far. I’m all about shameless self promotion, so thanks for being Gary👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Surfer dude is on a different planet already so no surprise with him!! Mind you I rather liked the end bit going viral…reflects my sense of humour maybe. The charity book is being done by a friend in the US. Not sure who else is onboard but it’s a group that thought they’d like to raise a bit if money for a good cause…can’t really argue with that so I agreed. I’ll certainly look at the challenge but I’m up to my ears in projects as per comment on my blog….once I’ve got back on track and, importantly, figured out a posting schedule I can probably make better use of time…at the moment I’m rubbish at that !!! And yes, top review indeed !

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Just like to thank you for this challenge Gary…it is indeed not easy… if you google it just brings up top blogs which don’t need no help from me and soooooo many ads. So I trawl through likes and comments …beginning to feel like a stalker..ha ha..but love this challenge and it sure is a challenge but in a good way:) I have found some cool blogs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! It really is a good way to connect with other bloggers and they’re always so happy to be recognized:) It’s also a great way to learn what can and cannot be done with WordPress. Gotta bust out that creative mind!

      Liked by 1 person

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