A-Z PE Challenge Day 9 (I)

Today’s featured blogger has a site and it is called:



I like her tagline:

I’m not an anti-social. I’m a pro-solitude.


Right?  She is saying the SAME EXACT THING.  But USING OTHER WORDS.

Like…instead of being a “cigarette smoker” you could be a “clean air avoider.”

Or instead of a “vegetarian” you could be a confirmed”meataphobic.”

“I’m ON FIRE today!” becomes “I’ve been energetically combustible of late!”


She is an artist^^^

She is Indian.

She is a she.

She takes beautiful photos:

Did I mention that she is an artist?  Well she is.

Her name is Chandralekha Chanda.  Which looks impossible to pronounce, but it is probably pronounced exactly how it looks<<<(don’t think too much about this)  People get into trouble when they get all creative with your name, they add extra syllables and accents just for the heck of it!

“The trouble is, you think that you have time, but life is short and time’s getting shrinked day by day. Now the amusing fact is, you know that but you still ignore it. That’s weird, isn’t it?” -Chanda

I would respond that, no it is not weird at all.  We are all nihilistic to an extent.  I think that to be fully alive is to fully embrace the possibility of death around each corner.  To do this without fear…of course it’s impossible but it’s a nice idea!

She has to deal with periods.

I know you may already be aware of this since you have been informed that she is a female but I’d like to emphasize the point because I know how brutal of a fate it is to have been born into this circumstance.  And I’m not even a girl!

She is yet another neural node on the vast, rapidly developing earth brain called the internet.

Thank you Chanda, for being my “I.”

Send her some love!






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