Wistful splashes

There is a place in time that holds me
A place yet untouched by the shadow
Though I may be dark now though my senses may dull
Just a piece of melody can caress me with a starkness that can only be frozen
If it moved I would shatter
Just a glimpse just lips brush is enough

Remember thunderclouds
Remember rain
Remember puddles
Remember that thoughts weren’t always so muddled

Remember a bright kite pulling me into a dark and windy sky

Cry into the cloud

Only the sun casts true shadows

These shadows

Did not create this darkness

Sinking into the sad smile

Real shadow, it’s been a while and I have missed you

I have not forgotten you I have only fallen groggy

I didn’t create this darkness

I have no part in it

Helpless now as I was then

Come get me, love


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