A bit of honesty

I want to be honest here.  In my life, there is an essential divide, a chasm really.  On one side is the safe, the mundane, the normal.  This side is composed of worldly things and concerns.  The concerns are chiefly centered on money, prestige, self image, fitting in.  This side is where curiosity and intrigue are nearly dead.  What can be interesting, miraculous, about the accumulation of “money”, which has become nearly fully ephemeral at this point?  No, this side is safe.  Safe is not interesting, it is where all the possibilities in an infinite universe have been melted down into an oozing sludge of infinite tedium and isolation.  This side is composed of monotonous repetition.  This is the wheels and gears of the rat race.

This side is composed of pollution, angst, petty fear, and a determined collective subconscious will not to question anything, ever.  God forbid a bit of curious spontaneity attempt to surface here, that bubble will be popped immediately, the shredded remains to disperse slowly and sadly to the other side, where they belong.  

This side is made of Facebook, Instagram, selfies and Twitter.  On this side, there is an invisible status quo that chains even the most determined of attempts to bring forth even a hint of the other, the mysterious.  Material reductivism lives here.  Eliminate the conscious one.  He is dangerous.  

On this side, I am Sisyphus, I am carrying my rock.  I know the outcome after I struggle it to the top of the hill.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve repeated this process.  There are onlookers here.  They see me repeating the same pattern over and over.  They don’t say a word.

You may wonder about the other side..what is it like over there?  There must be a counterbalance to this grim picture you have painted…right?!

The other side…sorry to burst your bubble, but the other side is just a dream. However, the other side isn’t on the other side. It is here. It is a dream carefully concealed beneath oceans of fear. It can be reached. But you must be courageous. You must be willing to accept help. You must be strong enough to surrender.  Sweet dreams…


7 thoughts on “A bit of honesty”

  1. Oh my, but there go I. I have to remind myself that if I continue to do the same thing the same way over and over again, my results will not change. Movin’ right along. Thanks for the follow. I hope to see more of you.

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