A story

So I’d like to share a story, I’ll make it fairly brief.  When I was around 19 or so, my first sip of alcohol happened, and that first sip turned into around 10 years of slowly increasing medication and it eventually became clear to me that that i had a problem.  I turned to AA, not as a hardcore alcoholic, as many of those guys are/were but as someone who needed some semblance of a community.  I could envision myself eventually filling those shoes, the shoes worn by a creator of destruction enabled by alcohol.  I didn’t want that future for myself, but especially for my family.  AA has filled that void, the community void I mean, and I haven’t had a drink in nearly a year.  Anyone who really gets what AA is about quickly realizes that it’s hardly at all about alcohol, it’s about learning to “live life on life’s terms.”  This post also isn’t really about alcohol.  This post is about nicotine.  Since I started drinking, I also started using Norwegian snus, which recently adapted to including E-cigs.  I never really understood the draw or power of nicotine until naively trying to quit.  I’m puffing an E-cig as I write this.  

While trying to “quit” I’ve thrown away the E-cig at least 5 or 6 times and gone and bought a new one within a week.  Every.  Single.  Time.

I’m not going to get too much into the psychology of this quite yet, just outline my basic plan with this story.  My plan is to share the burden of quitting with my WordPress subscribers, some of which may share a similar issue.  This will also bring in outside, anonymous accountability.  I will share my thought process along the way, and post a quick snippet of what’s going on in my noodle each time my brain tells me I need to purchase nicotine.  The plan is to make a post each time as an alternative to giving in to the impulse.  It’s a social experiment of sorts.  Any support you can give me along the way will be greatly appreciated!  I’m going to chuck my E-cig, yet again.  Wish me luck! πŸ™ƒ

PS I’ve never gone more than a week without nicotine since I started, so this is the first benchmark I’d like to hit.  If you have a nicotine habit which may or may not be a problem for you, please share below.

I don’t ever ask people to share my posts, but this time I will, as I need all the help I can get!  So, if it pleases your little heart, please share this:)


18 thoughts on “A story”

  1. Good luck, I hope you kick the habit completely. I’ve heard if you eat a cucumber and six dates every time before taking a puff, it is supposed to work. Other than that I suggest trying some form of pranayama which is focusing on different ways of breathing. If you try any of this and it works, please let me know. Would love to get a first hand account of things.

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  2. Open and honest in a journey many take at some point through not recognising when the ‘fun’ has turned into something more deep rooted. Easy to pick up habits and takes a strong mind to defeat them. You have my support. I know much about addictions, both habit and true biochemical must have at all costs. Good words about the AA too. An excellent community for support when it’s needed.

    I wish you well my blogging friend

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  3. Shared for support πŸ™‚ I do not have much experience with nicotine but have read up on it a little. Try reading “The Power of Habit” By Charles Duhigg. It is extremely eye-opening on habits and how to kick them-with a story about AA and smoking as well. You are definitely on your way-i.e. writing about what is going through your mind when you feel the itch to smoke. The book swears by changing habits through that exact process – realizing the “why” and the roots of our habits, and then eventually replacing our “bad” habits with good ones – by satisfying the itch in different ways. Anyway, I’m rambling! You can do it!!!

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      1. Yup – eating unhealthy. The book advises to change one thing in our routine, then it will change everything else. I have started to add vegetables to my lunch. It is a small change, but I already feel myself making better food choices and not craving junk food as much!

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