Nicotine blog day 2

I’m uncluttering. Nicotine is persistent clutter and it, along with much of the other clutter, has got to go. For those of you that suggested tips such as cucumbers and lemon water, thank you, I will try those once I’m back home, on Monday! When I was younger, and before I accumulated all this clutter (within and without), I was quite a bit purer and naive. I’m still pure at the core, but the clutter has changed things a bit. For example, when I read the book “How I became stupid”, I implemented as the main character did. I purposely (well attempted at least) tried to become an alcoholic, started using pills, started partaking of nicotine. When I read “Fight Club”, and read the scene where he was fighting Tyler (himself), it made so much sense to me on so many levels that it was quite natural for me to reenact this scene whilst totally drunk, for my girlfriend/ others friends and some siblings. They did not understand.

This is day 2 (now yesterday) and I thank you all for your support.


One thought on “Nicotine blog day 2”

  1. Good word is uncluttering…we start life clean and time provides many paths; some we should walk and some we should not. Addictive personalities need to tread with caution. It’s fantastic you have opened up to realising clutter is shielding the core. Shedding it will, in time liberate and empower. Keep going my friend!

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