A-Z PE Challenge Day 10 (J)

Yes, indeed, I am still doing the A-Z PE challenge.  Yes, I’m aware that the last one I posted is in July.  It’s gonna be ok!  It’s all gonna be just fine.

So today’s lucky winner is joliesattic

I’m assuming her name is Jolie, but I may be reading way too much into her site title.

I have read a few of her posts, they are pretty fantastic.  And in case you are wondering, I don’t just heap praise on the first person that I happen upon with the correct letter.  Although sometimes the temptation is there!  No, I give the proper time and wait patiently until the correct person comes along, as you can see sometimes this takes 3 months.  (see how good I am at telling stories!)

Each person is like an iceberg, they show the gleamy shiny pretty side here on WordPress and other social sites, but the pretty side is anchored by a tremendous mass -something- that sits far below the surface.  Some of us were not listening when being instructed on which side should be showing, so for some of us, we show just about everything, and have a nice thick -I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT ANYTHING THINKS ABOUT ME, BRING IT- coat of armor that we wear, meticulously crafted over the years.

Jolie, is a bit of both.  She is a mother, wife, daughter, aunt, cousin…ok I’m boring myself with all these titles.  Jolie is a strong personality, courageous, interesting…wait what am I doing with these words??  IDK.  Jolie, please pardon any rudeness from this end, I’m doing a bit of a nicotine detox and it seems to be flipping my damn iceberg.

Her recent post:  “The Hero of the House?”  puts to the reader a simple question – is/was your childhood dwelling abode a house or a home?  She goes on to discover that her house she grew up in was more of a house than a home.  In other words, lots of stuff and renovation, etc, but not too much consideration of the other humans sharing the same space.  So of course, she did what every good human should and tried to do exactly the opposite of the terrible things her parents did, to thusly save her own children from a similar fate.

She told this story, which I mainly resonated with because I’m a pyro.


(pardon my bad paraphrasing of this story)

So mom is making dinner when the stove decided it was tired of being a stove and it would rather be a bonfire.  The house started thinking along similar lines when it saw how much fun the stove was having.  Mom ushered little Jolie out the door and told her to run for help, which turns out was waiting a few -miles, yards, minutes?- away in the form of her neighbor Mrs. Lopez and her 20 (exaggeration?) boys.  So the boys run over and help put out the fire, and little Jolie arrives home anticipating medals, a speech and hopefully a road or two named after her.  But apparently nobody even noticed that she had been gone.

I have a feeling that little Jolie did not take the above picture, but maybe she did.

Ok, in re-reading the story, her neighbor was a couple hundred feet away.  Jolie’s frightened child mind made it into a few hundred miles through gales, deserts, warzones etc.

She has another post, entitled “Tackling Social Media” where she gets into some hilarious stories regarding other family members.

-As it is, I unfriended grandson #2 because it was just too much. Every other word began with F—!-

She looks on and finds things such as – an eloquent, verbose, intelligent, wise(?!) 16 year old marijuana growing grandson, a diplomatic younger brother, who may feel the same way as his brother but was actually listening when they told him to only show the shiny side of his iceberg (a politician in the making says Jolie), granddaughters going separate ways – one an unwed mother performing twerking performances for her peers on social media, the other posting thoughtful artistic pictures and appearing like a good human should be.

Her view on the current political situation – “Am I for Trump or Hillary?  I won’t say. Both fall short tremendously and both come across as idiots no matter how you slice it.”

^^^ I agree.  It is not even good entertainment anymore.  Either be good entertainment, or have some practical purpose.  You can’t be lacking both.

Oh, they’re also into cosplay which is flippin fantastic!

As evidenced in:

My Bad Ass Girls

Here of some pics of the event they attended, San Diego Comicon



(the prominent injury lawyers banner in the background is pretty funny)

She also wrote/was in a short screenplay


Jolie, thanks for being my J!

Check her out people, give her some love!



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