Nicotine blog day 4

I didn’t want to write last night, as I was in the eye of a rage storm.  Actually this is incorrect, as the eye is the calm spot, I was actually on the edges, flying around in circles and cursing anything and everything I could think of.  Could this be nicotine related?  I’m purposefully staying away from self help/nicotine experience blogs as I want mine to be unique.  When I fail at this I wanna fail MY WAY!  Just kidding I don’t want to fail.  I’m very calm and collected like usual and I’m just pretending to have these vicious attacks of hatred.  Anyway so yes I was a slow simmering black pot of hate last night that boiled over when I wasn’t watching and it scalded everything in the room.  Luckily no other people were around.  Welp, time for morning meditation yay😄


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