Seething Rage

Smoldering hate I drip, a seething drop. Fall sizzle spit pop.  

Burn me till I’m gone.

Spit fire, spit fire, laser gaze, rage ablaze 

look look look

pace this endless hateful page.

Grab live wire, hand’s on fire, tendons tighten, dead things brighten.

Skin is paper skin is paper, now it’s ash, just bluish vapor.

Bones are showing, unclothed and dry. Too dry to ash, too wet to cry, too done to try, too up to fly.

Irregular cadence is white ravens, blank zebras and fight havens.  Divided we stood, together we fell, united by hate and under the spell.

We elect to hate, drama trumps fate, hilarious tragedies fill the plate.  We can’t get enough of this murderous stuff.

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy says the alcoholic mind to the friend he can’t find.

My mind is a rind, a fruit chewed vine, a constriction  muscle, a pool of brine.  I’m all salted up with no meat to flavor, an idea machine, only hate to savor.  

Tap tap tap said the mouse to the trap so snap snap snap said the trap to his lap.


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