The Bird

I was having a dream, I’m not sure what the setting was exactly, somewhere out in the orchards and fields where roads are only intersecting every half mile or mile. I don’t think there were any other people around. There was a bird, he was very large. Maybe he was a hawk. I was just watching him hunt. He would float the thermals lazily, barely moving a feather. Then suddenly he would transform into a silent arrow, plunging down toward an unwitting target, then at the last possible moment pulling up with perfect precision, prize in claw, inches above the ground. I asked him, -how often do you eat like this?-. -Every 3-5 minutes- he replied. I don’t think I was expecting him to reply, because I got very excited. I “talked” with him for some time but the dream has faded and I don’t know the contents of this telepathic man/bird conversation. I had an idea. I patted my shoulder, inviting him to perch. He obliged. This bird was heavy, he felt like a large cat clutching into my shoulder skin, but he also felt comfortable there, and of course we were talking so it was quite nice. I had another “bright” idea. The bird already knew what I was going to do, for he was silently laughing at me. This did not dissuade me, and I resolutely withdrew my iPhone and aimed it at us, screen facing us. It wasn’t so much that I wanted a selfie with a hawk, but more so that I wanted some evidence of this fantastic thing that was happening. Every time I clicked the button to switch to the front facing camera, it would switch back right as I was about to take the picture. This went on for some time as I tried different methods of taking the picture, the bird cackling in my head the whole while. He never left my shoulder, and I never got the picture.  

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