3rd oldest out of 9 kids.  I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters.  We are all crazy!  Well maybe just I’m crazy😎  We have a just turned 1 year old (Jaxon) who is the most strong willed 1 year old I’ve ever met.  He was the first grandchild for our parents out of us 9.  I’m nearly 31 though I rarely ponder or spend too much time thinking about age.  I’m a smart kid but not a proper nerd, I don’t think I have the correct nerd attitude or look.  I’m obsessed with chess.  I’m also an alcoholic, which doesn’t have much to do with alcohol ironically enough.  Alcoholism is mainly (99%) neurosis and inability to handle “normal” life situations.  Hence, alcohol is our medicine.  That’s about it for now.  I blog about anything and everything, and like taking close up pictures of flowers.  Oh, and my name is Gary.  Gary the Snail to some of my little cousins:)


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